The Master Esthetic Program includes theory and practical applications related to applying make-up, skin care or beautifying the face or neck by use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, or creams. Advanced facials, manual and mechanical. Advanced chemical exfoliation, including pre and post exfoliation consultations and treatments. Advanced perdicures and aroma therapy.

Services include applying eyelashes or removing facial hair by tweezing, depilatories or waxing, and advanced waxing. The actual day-to-day job tasks of an esthetician can vary greatly. Some specialize in one or two cutting-edge treatments in a luxury spa, others perform a variety of services in smaller spas. In department stores, estheticians are often hired to push one particular brand of product or do a quick makeover on a prospective customer.  Master estheticians can also be working in medical settings such as assisting a medical dermatologist in the clinics.

However, all estheticians share a few tasks. Most importantly, they must make sure that clients are comfortable and pleased with their treatments. They must remain friendly, sympathetic, and accommodating regardless of the circumstances. They must also act as salespeople, promoting their treatments and the sale of the products they use.

Whatever their specific tasks, estheticians have the potential to make people feel and look better, and for many in the profession, this is the best part of the job. Beauty may be only skin deep, but for estheticians, that’s deep enough.  Specific tasks include:

  • Analyzing customers’ skin care needs
  • Discussing treatments and products with customers
  • Performing facials, applying chemical peels, tinting eyebrows, and doing facial massage and makeup
  • Advising customers on skin care and makeup techniques
  • Cleaning equipment and work area
  • Promoting skin care products

Master Esthetics Course Outline

Course Description

The program includes theory and practical applications related to all aspects of basic facial care (cleansing, masking, therapy, nutrition, and hair removal) and more advanced training in pedicures, chemical exfoliation, and lymphatic system and massage.  Classes are presented by means of lecture, hands-on demonstration, audio/video and professional guest presentations.

Course Goals

After completion of the course, graduates will be prepared to pass the state board exams.  This course prepares the student for employment in the cosmetology industry as an esthetician, medical clinic assistant, salon/spa owner and/or manager, or as a technician or product representative in the beauty industry.

Course Format / Instructional Methods

Instructors use many different techniques to teach the course including, lectures, class discussions, student projects, demonstrations, quizzes, tests and hands-on practical experience.  Audio visual aids and guest speakers are also implemented.

Course Tuition

Enrollment Fee: $50
Kit & In-school Supplies: $1550
Tuition: $6900
Total: $8500

Master Esthetics Course Curriculum

Bacteriology, sterilization, sanitation and safety – 50 hours

Includes biology, product knowledge, tools and equipment use and safety.

Sciences: history, dermatology and physiology of the skin – 150 hours

Includes chemistry (principles of skin chemical procedures), anatomy, biology

Facials – 250 hours

Includes skin care treatments, application of cosmetics, skin chemical procedures

Eyelash Extentions – 50 hours

Includes application and removal of false eyelashes

Non-permanent hair removal – 30 hours

Advanced facials – 250 hours

Lymphatic System and Massage – 200 hours

Advanced pedicures – 50 hours

Advanced chemical exfoliation – 100 hours

Salon Development – 40 hours

Includes effective communication and human relations, licensing requirements and regulations, fundamentals of business management.

Law – 30 hours

Includes professional ethics, compensation packages and payroll deductions.

Total Hours – 1200 hours

Practical Requirements for the Course

1 Facials (can include makeup) 300
2  Hair Removal 300
3 Eyelash Extension 10
4 Advanced Pedicure 10
5 Lympathic Massage of the Full Body 70
6 Chemical Exfoliation 10

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